Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Bliss take 2

Summertime and the going is great!

The time of year teachers and their families anticipate with eager and open arms. A time to rejuvenate and look forward to lazy days. A time to look forward to that lounge chair and a great book to read – non issued school book.

Sounds great and don’t we all wish that were true.

The reality of the situation is that most educators have a primary life. Cleaning cupboards, ousting archaic clothes, painting that garage door which should have been done last year, planting that garden that will yield vegetables to supply a meager table, in all spring cleaning that takes place after everyone else has done theirs.

So far, I think most, even non-teachers, can identify with the list of chores facing everyone during the summer hiatus.

So when does the holiday – 8 week holiday – come into perspective? A mere dot on the kitchen calendar that pinpoints “start holiday” and a little further “school starts”.

This is not doom and gloom. After all when would all the little jobs get done if not for the 8 week break? Taking days off to tend to the minutia of daily chores is usually not on the menu of the average teachers. The time invested in planning for a day off and the time invested in recuperating that lost time just don’t measure up on the scale of time management. So that pretty much leaves it to the summer not so lazy days of summer.

However there is a way to appreciate those days and negate the feelings of resentment towards those who insist that the days are actually “freebies”. What do they know anyhow?

I wake up each morning and repeat my saving mantra: I am on holiday; I am on holiday.
Next I take a look at the sundry school papers and books accumulated in the family room, living room, spare room, playroom, and yes even the kitchen counter – all awaiting my perspicacious eye to delve into the mess and delete it from visibility so that I may actually tackle the real world.
Once this latter is accomplished and “I promise to do it before September rolls around” I can actually enjoy the leisure time with family.

So here goes:
Tackle the first:
Repeat after me: I am on holiday; I am on holiday
Then take one garbage bag and place in a strategic place – preferable right in the middle of a room – this will help to remind you and at the very least – embarrass you when friends drop by for coffee. If you truly commit yourself to the task – it will go faster and you will clear the space. Take a picture and place it in a strategic place – you’ll want to stare at it when the going really gets tough in February.

Once the vestiges of school disappear, you will be on holiday – like everyone else. Tackle those tasks left for summer; enjoy the lounge chair with your name on it and read that trashy book that you will never talk about in public. It is your holiday and it is your holiday and it is your holiday.

Really decide that this year it will be a holiday. Take a trip, even a day trip will make you feel that you are on holiday. Take the kids out – a change of pace from the ordinary will make everyone truly appreciate the holiday. And – above all – throw away that calendar with “School starts” mark.

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